Holiday Traditions- Needlepoint Stockings

22 Dec
Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stockings

Over 28 years ago (How can that be??) I saw my first hand painted, hand stitched Christmas needlepoint stocking.  It was love at first sight!  I had no idea that this existed and I wanted to make one.  This started me on my almost 30 years of needle pointing.

I only pull the stockings out each December and they hang on the mantle until just after Alex- stockingChristmas.  Santa still fills them and each year I curse how big some of them are!

I had NO idea how expensive this hobby was going to be nor did I realize that some of my stockings took over one year to make.  Hopefully, they will be heirlooms that will be cherished.   Each person in my family has a stocking and I am currently working on a new Jeff stockingone for my son Tim as his was the first one I ever made and it looks like it was the first one- it only has one kind of stitch.  Each artist has an unique style and each canvas is completely different depending on if they are painted on a canvas with 13 holes per square inch (easier to stitch) or 18 holes per inch.

There are entire stores just for needle pointing- Needlepoint, Inc. in San Francisco at Union Square and Madonna Needleworks in Morgan Hill are gorgeous stores with huge Sean- stockinginventories of hand painted canvases and literally millions of threads to choose from.  They have wonderful teachers that will help plot out a stitch guide.  This is important as each stocking ends up costing at least $1500 by the time it is done.

I just finished Sean’s (on the right)- It has 18 holes to the inch and took forever- It has not been sew into a stocking yet.

I have been know to stitch everyday for periods of time and not at all for periods of time.

I enjoyed stitching them and meeting with my friends  for dinner, wine and stitching at our monthly Stitch and Bitch.  Sometimes I bitch way more than I stitch.!

Here is the canvas I am working on for Tim-

Tim- canvasStephen stocgkinCatherine stockingKat- stocking

Mk stocking

Greg- stocking

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