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10 Dec



So  those of you who know me, know I love to travel.  I like any kind of trip.  To anywhere.  For any reason.  That’s why I became a flight attendant for Virgin America at age 54, but that’s a story for another day.

Today I wanted to introduce you to my good friends travel blog.  He is adding cities all the time and it is awesome!

Check out Life on Layover.  Marcos and I were in the same class at Virgin America and he has had a fascinating life.  His blog has great tips for any traveler.

So, as to packing, I have learned from veteran flight attendants and personal experience as to what works best for a stress free trip!

The key for me for stress free travel is to carry on your luggage.  Eliminates waiting at carousels, dealing with lost luggage, and gets you to your destination that much quicker!  The key is to have pared down your wardrobe to items that can be mixed and matched and worn in different combos.  (more on that later)

I LOVE my carry on bags and believe me I have tried quite a few!  My number one favorite is the Lipault Paris 22 inch collapsible 2 wheel carry on- $189

They also make a 4 wheeled bag and I am trying that next. (it’s $199)

UPDATE- I just used the 4 wheeled bag and it was great!  Bag is the same as the 2 wheel but it is a bit more steady when standing alone.  You can fit so much in this bag, it’s unbelievable!


Lilipault 22 inch carry on

Lilipault 22 inch carry on

I buy them from Zappos because of their awesome customer service and 2day shipping.  They have the entire line. They are extremely lightweight and sturdy.

If I am going for a week or more, I use the 19 inch weekend shoulder bag and if it is a short trip I use the 15 inch weekend bag.  I also pack a super lightweight and fold-able small duffle (large weekender with it’s own pouch) made by Le Sport Sac in case I buy a lot of stuff I want to bring home.  I then pack it with all my dirty clothes and check it and carry on all my new purchases in the  IMG_2541Lilpault Paris carry on.

This bag fits 4 pairs of shoes and all the clothes I need for 3 weeks.  I also use Flight 001 Space pack bags to pack my clothes in and I find them crucial to packing a lot into any bag.  They have a great system- one side is for clean clothes and the other is for dirty clothes.  They keep me organized and my bag is neat and tidy.  I use two of IMG_2540the underwear size in the Lipault  Paris 22 inch bag and I put my shoes in disposable shower caps along the sides.  I can fit more in the Lipault  Paris carry on than I can in my 22 inch TravelPro or Tumi bags.   Plus, it’s so light!  I have carried it on buses, trains, planes, metros, and on cobblestone streets.

Flight 001 is an awesome store in San Francisco – they have the best travel accessories.

We’ll talk about what to pack next time!


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  1. Catherine, I’m planning my first trip ever across the Atlantic for this summer. We are going to France and Italy. Would love some advice on packing!

    • Hi Tina- I would love to talk about your trip! I am going to Paris in April so we can do our packing lists together. Call me after the holidays and let’s get together!

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