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Boston College- March 22, 2015 snow 3

This was downtown near the Old North Church- check out the bike that got snowed in!



I just took a short trip to Boston to visit my daughter.  She lives in my favorite part of the city- the North End.  Even though it snowed on the 2nd day of spring and it was freezing, we had a great time.

The North End is the Italian section of Boston.  It is so charming with lots of family run restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops and it has a small village feel.  The Freedom Trail runs thru the North End.  The house that Paul Revere lived in is there.  It is really fun to walk the Freedom Trail.  I never get tired of it.  Quincy market and Faneuil Hall are in this area.  So much to do and so many treats to try!

Google restaurants in the North End of Boston and you won’t believe how many there are!

Here’s a few of my favorites:

I absolutely love The Thinking Cup– a great coffee shop on Hanover Street.  This is the main street of the North End and is fun to walk around.  The Thinking Cup has awesome espresso- I always order the Cortaldo.  Their croissants are amazing as are their sandwiches.  Chia Seed pudding is another of my fav’s.

thinking cup

I have stayed all over the city and this time I stayed at Bricco Suites– right behind Bricco restaurant.  I wanted to be close to my darling daughter’s apartment.  Bricco is directly across from The Thinking Cup at 241 Hanover.  The suites are down an alley behind the Bricco restaurant.  The location is amazing!  In the alley between Hanover and Bricco Suites is Bricco Panetteria- the smell of baking bread in the morning is intoxicating!  The home made pasta sauce and fresh pasta is the best I have had.  The cheese display is like art! Don’t miss this wonderful Italian grocery.

Bricco Panetteria- Cheese!



The North Street Grill is a fabulous place to eat (It is across the street from Paul Revere’s house.)  Carmelina’s is tiny but delicious. It is on 307 Hanover St.  Great exploding shrimp.

Another family owned and run restaurant is Pagliucas Ristorante Italiano at 14 Parmenter St. They have the best garlic, olive oil and parmesan secret dipping sauce!  I could drink it!

Bricco is very popular.  It is a busy bar scene with lots of sports playing on big screen TV’s and a fairly expensive restaurant all in the same space.  I had a fantastic meal here again.  The best sea bass I have ever eaten- ever!

Great lobster rolls at The Sea Loft at 80 Atlantic Ave.- on the Harbor.  Perfect spot for a drink or lobster roll – great view!

We also ate at Legal Test Kitchen-LTK Bar and Kitchenin the Seaport area.  It is the test kitchen for Legal Seafoods.  It has a simple menu and everything was delicious!

My new favorite dessert is the plain macaroons at Modern Pastry! Everyone talks about their cannoli but I am not a fan of those.  All the tourists go to Mike’s Pastry across the street from Modern but don’t do it- go to Modern Pastry on Hanover Street.  Modern Pastry has been there for 70 years and actually taught Mike how to bake cannolis.  Modern only takes cash and you can order espresso and a pastry and sit down or get it to go.  The macaroons are gorgeous and all colors and flavors, but try the plain ones- they are heaven- and bring me some back please!!!

My daughter tells me that Caffee Pompei on Hanover is the place to go for late night food.  I am dying to try their Italian Rice balls- Arangini- next time!

We went to visit Boston College in Chestnut Hill, (my daughters alma mater,) and we stopped in at my most FAVORITE burger place – SHAKE SHACK!  If you have not had the pleasure of eating there- go!  They started in NYC and are in Brooklyn, Times Square, Central Park, Chestnut Hill, Newbury Street (Boston) and Phillie.  The best burger ever!

So good that we went to the new one on Newbury Street the next day!

shake shackYes, we ate a lot and it was awesome.  We squeezed in a visit to one of my all time favorite museums- The Museum of Fine Art.  It was snowing and cold out and it was a perfect time to visit.  A bit of shopping on Newbury Street, Shake Shack and all in all it was a perfect visit!

I used my new 4 wheel 21 inch Lilpault rolling bag and the 15 inch Lilpault weekend bag.  I had plenty of room to bring warm clothes and bring stuff home!

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