Never stop learning!

10 Mar

I have been learning a bunch the last year or so and I have learned more about myself than I had bargained for.

I quit flying to concentrate on getting my real estate license.  I have taken a lot of tests in my life and this one was not very challenging.  I joined a very well known real estate company and took all their classes (which were very good) and decided to make a go of being a residential real estate agent.  I also earned the designation- Senior Real Estate Specialist – as I thought I would like to help seniors in the difficult task of moving and finding a comfortable living situation.  I learned that a senior is defined by anyone over 50- LOL!

I also learned that I didn’t love the model that I was being taught to gain a clientele.  It felt very agrgessive and shark like.  So I decided to leave the well known real estate company and work with my long time friend that has been a broker on her own for over 20 years.  We take care of friends and family that want our help and don’t look to monetize every person we meet.


I also missed flying so I applied for a part time job at SouthWest Airlines.  I became a customer service agent at SFO and learned the ground operations systems.  It was grueling hours- 5am-1:30pm five days per week.  (Did not seem part time to me!)  The drive was way too long to do twice a day and I actually hated the job- lots of standing!  I realized that flying was the thing I liked so I gave it 7 weeks and resigned.  My family was horrified that I quit, but I feel like I would not have known what it was like if I had not tried and I met some awesome folks and experienced an airline from the tarmac to the gates to the ticket counter.  I think Southwest Airlines is an awesome airline and I really appreciate the opportunity they gave me.

I have a new appreciation for the folks who take care of all the ground operations- so much goes on behind the scenes before we walk on a plane!  As a flight attendant, I had no idea what they were dealing with.  A career with an airline can be so rewarding, but it is also grueling, difficult work- please smile and say something nice to everyone working at the airport!


I have so many interests and I always have a list of the next thing I want to learn.  I keep thinking I won’t have time to add anything new, but it always works out.

I have only stopped two of my past careers- stock broker/insurance, and flight attendant.  I loved my flying days and adore my friends I have met, but I wasn’t happy with the way things were going in the company I worked for.  I am sure if I had started younger I would still be flying part time.  As to the brokerage industry, I realized (after a really long time!) that I enjoyed interacting with my clients way more than the industry itself.

My take away from my  journey is the following:

1- Never Stop Learning

2- You are never too old to learn something new

3-Trying new things just makes you and your life more interesting

4- Starting something new opens up your world to an entire new group of future friends

5-It’s OK to change your mind and it’s OK to change directions when you find yourself not enjoying your work

Go out there and learn something new today!!

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