Travel Packing Tips for Lighter, Easy Travel

15 Feb

I am getting ready to go on a bucket list trip to Bhutan.  I am checking a bag which is unusual for me and it got me thinking about some packing tips that I use and I have learned from my fellow flight attendant friends.  I use the Away travel bags for carry on and for my checked bag.

List– always make a list!  I start at least one week before with a list of items that I know I want to bring.  I check the weather and put together outfits on the list.  I include things like phone charger, laptop charger, universal plug, kindle etc.

Backpack-Whether I check a bag or not, I take a backpack or small bag that fits under the seat with all my valuables and items I need for my plane travel.  I am now going to start packing hand sanitizer (I love EO brand from Whole Foods– it comes in a tiny spray or squeeze bottle) and wipes that are antibacterial to wipe down the seat, tray table, remotes etc. in your seat.  The flu season has been so horrible this year and the seats and tray tables don’t get cleaned very often.  I use a MZ Wallace back pack  (the Crosby) or metro tote or a LuluLemon Backpack that holds a laptop and lots of other stuff!  Include medications and anything valuable that you want to keep close at hand.

I bring a lightweight cashmere throw to use as a blanket on the plane and a scarf that goes with my outfits but helps keep me warm on freezing planes.  I put my jewelry in snack size baggies to keep them safe and accessible.  I dress in comfy layers and usually have a Northface down coat to use for a blanket or pillow.  It squishes down to nothing.  Earphones, chargers, rose water spray for long flights, and makeup wipes go into my backpack as well.

Toiletries-I use a Flight 001 bag (Spacepak Mini Toiletry) for my non liquid toiletries and their clear quart size bag for my liquid items. (F1 Clear Carry-on Quart Bag) Quart size freezer baggies work well also!

Shoes– I take 3 pairs of shoes only!  Sometimes I will sneak in an extra pair but only if one of them is a pair of Haviana flip flops.  I use the flip flops in hotels as the carpets are scary!  Pack your shoes at the bottom of your bag and put clear disposable shower caps over them to keep everything clean.  If taking socks pack them in the shoes.  Always wear the heaviest shoes to travel in.

Clothes–  I pack by outfit. I plan out what pieces go together and try to stick to 2-3 pairs of pants,  (including the ones I am wearing on the plane.) I dress in a lot of black so usually I have one pair of jeans, one pair of black pants and a pair of yoga pants. I don’t take white clothes as they just don’t look great doing sink laundry! I use a scarf for color.  I pack one in my backpack and one in my suitcase.  I use the SpacePak system bags from Flight 001.  I use two of the medium size bags for my carry on.  I include a swimsuit and gallon baggie (in case it’s wet) and a kitchen garbage bag for dirty clothes.  I put a dryer sheet in each SpacePak bag to keep clothes smelling fresh.   I only take 2 to 3 pair of underwear.  I wash them as I go.

Please send me any tips that help you with packing lighter and smarter!






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